ARTISTS OPEN CALL: A Digital Potlatch – a night of creative gift giving & artistic improvisation

THIS IS NOT BORING!  7pm-1am, Saturday 2nd July, 2016

A Digital Potlatch: a night of creative gift giving, artistic improvisation and sharing.

Coastguard Studio, 91 Clarendon Road, The Strand, Southsea, PO4 0SA

Artist working in any field are invited to contribute to a digital potlatch taking place at Coastguard Studio, Southsea on 2nd July 2016.

If you are interested in the principles of “radical” inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, community cooperation, gifting, de-commodification, and leaving no trace – then One Thousand Plateaus offers you an open platform for digital arts, performance and media, a temporary autonomous zone in which to play.

Live arts, performance, music, audio visual, video, spoken word, installations, psycho-geographers, cyber artists, hackers, interstitial architects, laptop artists, kinetic sculptors, painters, photographers and theatre makers – are all welcome to contribute to this open call.

Its digital because we are immersed in technology but it doesn’t mean you must be using technology to contribute. We only ask that you address the theme:

b/order crossings; unreal boundaries that refuse to melt in the heat of (de)territorialisation, a line of escape from an institutionalized apparatus of capture.

You maybe a solo artist, part of a group, a loose collective, student or professional. You can exhibit a work in progress, an existing piece or something you have developed for the event. There are no rules other than you must be willing to work collaboratively with the other artists contributing to the event.

One Thousand Plateaus will provide: curation, stage management and event marketing. Where possible we will provide technical support, equipment and materials to support you. There is likely to be a PA in both rooms as well as a multiple video projector installation in the main room. However, there is NO budget and the principle of self-reliance means you should come prepared with whatever specialist materials or resources you need to stage or exhibit your artwork. The focus of the event will be very much on exploring the “Immersive Use of Space” and we are especially keen to work with performers who break down the boundaries between audience and stage or artists who subvert the ideal of gallery space.

There will be a collection taken on the door to help cover the costs of hiring the space for the event. Other than that no money will change hands.

For background you can watch the video for the event staged at The Spring Arts Centre in 2009:

If you would like to contribute then send us a brief description of what you would like to do, indicate if you are seeking collaborators (we like to do some artists matchmaking), what facilities you will need and what you can bring with you. We will also need an image and 50 words of copy from you should you decide to take part.

We are also organising monthly meetings to plan and organise the event which will be publicised on the FaceBook page:

Email your ideas to:

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