Mexican Day of the Dead: Journey Into the Underworld – The Wedding Story FULL VIDEO!

A commission from Big Adventures funded by the Arts Council, Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council and Hampshire Cultural Trust to work with Proteus Theatre Creation Space. The production was of a 15 minute video projection to be performed at the climax of the Day of the Dead celebrations in Basingstoke, Top of the Town on Friday 30th October 2015. The video presented here is a shortened version of the final projection video. Music by Charlie Casey (Akasha) and video by Dr Lighthouse (aka Roy Hanney). All the video clips are found footage sourced online (i.e. YouTube) under ‘fair use’ copyright.

Main clips sourced from:
¡Viva Calaca!. The Day of the Dead (Official)

“Dead Man s Party” – Adventures of the League of STEAM

Fire dancing duet. Poi and fire fans

If there is anything left off from the credits please let me know and I will add you.