1000 Plateaus Presents: This is Not Boring!

This is Not Boring!

7pm-1am, Saturday 2nd July, 2016
Coastguard Studio, 91 Clarendon Road, The Strand (rear entrance), Southsea, PO4 0SA

b/order crossings; unreal boundaries that refuse to melt in the heat of (de)territorialisation, a line of escape from an institutionalized apparatus of capture.

artists’ potlatch: a night of creative gift giving, artistic improvisation and sharing.

forms: audio visual performance, electronica, spoken word, installations, psycho-geographers, interstitial architects, kinetic sculptors, live artists and theatre makers.

generators: Simon Heartfield + Most Wanted Dance – Kevin Moore – Non Music for Non People – Rusty Sheriff + Silly Little Man – Sam Cox + Fark – Idiotbox – Splodge Designs – Fear as Entertainment – Mr. Foot (DJ) – Nick Downes presents Border Lines – Samo Arts – Dr. Lighthouse – Prrk Industires – Jaygo Bloom – Stella Bahin – Mizra – Scott Jowett – Big Adventures.


Challenging artists with the theme BORDER CROSSINGS the doors to the Coastguard Studios have been opened to artists who are performing; new work, work in progress or exploring improvisations around existing ideas. Staged by 1000 Plateaus, an occasional open platform for artists working in performance and audio visual arts. The event is conceived as an artist’s digital POTLATCH, the means by which reciprocal relations are formed through gift giving and exchange. It is digital because we are immersed within the territorializing discourses of technology though many artists employ analogue processes. It is neither a ‘one’ nor ‘zero’ but inhabits a space between. Participating artists are encouraged to adopt the principles of; “radical” inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, de-commodification, community cooperation, gifting and leaving no trace.

Si Heartfield - MFIB2

Music for an Imagined Ballet

Simon Heartfield & Most Wanted Dance

Inspired in particular the dancers Lauren Cuthbertson, Ed Watson and choreoger Wayne McGregor and images from in the Alain Resnais film “Last Year At Marienbad” (1 961). Realised in collaboration with Carly-Ann Purcell and performers from Most Wanted Dance. Supported by a specially created video.


VLUU L210 / Samsung L210

Non Music for Non People

Leon Tricker & Jez Stevens

Inspired by the Creel Pone label and a Throbbing Gristle slogan, non-music for non people (nmfnp) is an electroacoustic artist who works primarily with electronics and found sounds/field recordings. For this event nmfmp will be performing a bespoke audio piece with accompanying visuals provided by Jez Stevens.


Rusty Sheriff - fat lads

Back to the Bronx

Rusty Sheriff & Silly Little Man

‘Back to the Bronx’ is about the cultural/historic/geographical borders of New York City, paying homage to the film The Warriors, only in reverse. A live soundtrack, with live visuals it asks the question about the ways in which borders in NYC.


jaygo bloom - triple_a_orig01

Broken Hearted Dragonflies

Jaygo Bloom

There is a legend in Burma that swarms of male dragonflies gather to join in choruses of high-pitched tones to court their mates. The ones that don’t succeed in mating eventually scream so loud that their chests explode. The dragonflies theme indirectly makes reference to the migrant diaspora we are currently witnessing.





Idiotbox hails from the strangest corners of surreality, grinning & spinning out audiovisual beats layered with madness, GIFs, and odd-time guitar riffs. Currently exploring different ways of demolishing cultural constructs of definition through conceptual processing, Idiotbox often makes no sense at first. This is a good thing, actually.



Border Crossings

Dr. Lighthouse

Ambient textures and sonorous ambience projected through quiet space and seeping between the aural cracks. Nothing emerges, everything is hidden. The spaces between are sites of struggle and conflict. None shall pass, I f your names not down you can’t come in. Change must come said Mao Ze Dong.


Kevin More - IMG_02492

Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Semi-improvised electronica inspired by classic Kraut-rock and noise music on the Brighton scene.


mizra IMG_4409



Mizra performs with processed guitars and electronic sounds. Taking strains from the history of electronic dance music and mixing it with improvisation, the outcome is an experience that looks to explore the physicality of sound and sensory perception.



Fear as Entertainment

Los Dave & PrrkIndustries

An intense psycho-geographical paint and spoken word jam exploring psycho/bio/geographical spaces and themes of access and exclusion. The soundtrack inspires and responds to the painting and vice versa until the text is written over the top. Featuring a new bird-theremin (not built yet! ) and the Bikesichord.


misc - image

Mr. Foot (DJ)


Spinning an eclectic mix of ambience, deviance and mellow electronica followed by a party set to close the evening.


Splodge Designs - nothingness

Splodge Designs

Clare Jefferson-Jones & Paul Jones

Crossing borders, an exploration of containment through imagery, textures, colours and sound.  Mapping 3-Dimensional video projections onto sculptural forms. Accompanied by a soundscape tailored to enhance the imagery and sensations of limitations and boundaries.


Nick Downes - border lines-2

Border Lines

Nick Downes, Vincent Adams & Aaron Holdaway

A border post. A frontier between this and that. Here and there. Hither and yon. Two men. Manning the border. Are we still where we were? Or are we already somewhere else? Going from here to there, please mind the gap (between appearance and reality).


Scott Jowett - FB_IMG_1465642642651

I don’t know what this is

Scot Jowett

A sayer of words and a fourth wall groper. What are the links between the thoughts in his head and the thoughts in yours? Scott wants to find out. And exploit them. Possibly make love to them. Rub against them at the very least. Like a curious, itchy backed bear on a monkey puzzle tree. But with clothes on.


Sam Cox Poetry Shoes

Sam Cox & Fark

Sam Cox & Fark

Portsmouth’s poet laureate will be performing her poetry alongside a live visual art performance provided by Fark

stella bahin

Stella Bahin

Stella Bahin

Performance poetry.



Rob Brading (DJ)

Rob Brading

Spinning soundscapes, textures, tonescapes and grooves.



Big Adventures, John Sackett, James Porter, Andy Thomas (PA Hire) and all the helpers on the night who we don’t yet know.


John Sackett & Roy Hanney


door tax: free but donations welcome – pay what you think its value is!


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