Get ready for Dark Fest: a celebration of the hauntological and the phantasmagoric!

Interstitial architects 1000 Plateaus have teamed up with Portsmouth Writers Hub and with the Supernatural Cities project based in University of Portsmouth to bring you a new celebration of the dark side of DADA. Yes, its 100 years since DADA proclaimed the end of logic and reason so we thought it appropriate to take a leaf out of their book and offer up our own humble version of the Cabaret Voltaire in remembrance of the insane and the extraordinary.

The event will take place at the Coastguard Studio, on Saturday 26th November and you will find a PDF of the first call for collaborators and participants HERE!

Or you can email us to get a copy at

If you are interested in the principles of “radical” inclusion, self-reliance, self-expression, community cooperation, gifting, de-commodification, and leaving no trace – then One Thousand Plateaus offers you an open platform for digital arts, performance and media, a temporary autonomous zone in which to play.

Live arts, performance, music, audio visual, video, spoken word, installations, psycho-geographers, cyber artists, hackers, interstitial architects, laptop artists, kinetic sculptors, painters, photographers and theatre makers – are all welcome to contribute to this open call.

The event is planned as a partnership between 1000 Plateaus, Supernatural Cities and the Portsmouth Writers Hub. We will be posting a selection of texts from a forthcoming anthology of local writers which we would invite artists to read and respond to. The response can be an adaptation or re-visioning in the broadest possible sense. We are also organising a networking event to connect writers and artists in September and we invite you to attend (details below).

We also ask that you address some or all of the themes:

  • Urban supernatural folklore and urban legends
  • Ghost stories and urban temporalities
  • Magic and occult beliefs in the urban context
  • Uncanny architecture and urban heterotopias
  • Hauntology, capitalism, and urban power relations
  • Urban fantasy and urban gothic fictions (literature, art, film, TV, video games, music)
  • Supernatural storytelling as intangible urban heritage
  • Functions of the urban supernatural (communal identity and memory; socio-political and environmental critique)
  • Baudelaire, Simmel, Benjamin and the phantasmagoric urban experience
  • Psychogeography and urban space/place as palimpsest
  • Monstrous urbanisation, urban monstrosity, and environmentalism
  • Affective theory and the emotional urban environment
  • Archaeology, concealed objects and domestic magical thought
  • Urban supernatural, enchantment, and the de-familiarisation of the mundane
  • Re-reading / re-writing the urban – supernatural cartographies; imagination as agency

You may be a solo artist, part of a group, a loose collective, student or professional. You can exhibit a work in progress, an existing piece or something you have developed for the event. There are no rules other than you must be willing to work collaboratively with the other artists contributing to the event.

We are organising and Artists and Writers Speed Dating event on Wednesday 7th September at Aurora Café, Albert Road, 7pm-10pm. Come along and meet some new collaborators:

Or contact:

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