holmes fest 2017

Holmes Fest 2017 Revisiting Music Hall

The organisers of Holmes Fest 2017 invited Dr Lighthouse to create some bespoke visuals to illuminate the Square Tower, Portsmouth in a novel way. A celebration of the arrival of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Portsmouth in late June 1882 the event featured an all-star author line-up reading stories specially penned in homage to this remarkable man and his famous creations.

Since the evening would involve a Victorian/Edwardian fancy dress competition the organisers wanted to achieve a ‘music hall’ look to the visuals for the event. Taking this on board Dr Lighthouse created a proscenium arch and red drapes that would draw back to reveal silent film style inter-titles and other visual elements. The ceiling projections saw images from period theatres adding further dimensions to the visual imagery. The evening opened with a selection of short silent films from the 1920’s and then each performer had their own pre-programmed slide show to illustrate their stories.

Looking forward to further collaborations with Holmes Fest 2018.

Holmes Fest 2017

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