Kino Kult

Kino-Kult came about in 2006 as a collective for three VJ’s based in Portsmouth. England. The collective emerged after the first Vision Clash at the India Arms, Southsea which ran as part of the Portsmouth Film Festival in 2005. The three individuals are Pusha 2.0 (aka Jinx Prowse), VJ PowerPoint (aka Jez Stevens) and Dr Lighthouse (aka Roy Hanney).

The collective was established as a vehicle for joint promotion of their activities as VJs and AV artists. Throughout 2006 and 2007 the collective ran live AV installations at a number of club nights in Portsmouth the largest of which included a 12 projector installation for the Hedonic Psycho-Party on Southsea Pier. Two further Vision Clash Av shares were staged as part of the Film Festival fringe in 2006 and 2007 while VJ PowerPoint also ran a series of electronica nights at the Edge of the Wedge bar in Albert Road at which Kino-Kult performed as visualisers.

During this period Pusha 2.0 also started to appear as a two piece under the name of Black Powdr Engine combining live visuals and audio as a performance. At the end of 2008, in fact January 2009 all three of the collective were involved in staging the ‘1000 Plateaus: digital potlatch’ at The Spring Arts Centre, Havant, Hampshire, UK.

The members of the Kino-Kult collective still occasionally work together on projects and have performed at events in Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton and London in 2010/2011.