Poetry-Film & The Film Poem: Some Clarifications

I recently came across an interesting website put together by Fil ieropoulos, a PhD student whose research is on the subject of Film Poetry. He suggests this is a “sort of genre/concern of experimental film that bridges structural and lyrical tendencies” and offers a couple of interesting papers on the subject. Fil works across poetry, music, film and performance and you can see a body of his work on the website.

I have linked to the two papers he has available on his website and you can download them and have a read. If you do read them please add a comment as I would be interested in knowing what other people think about this subject.

The first paper is a historical review of the notion of a poem film and offers a short literature review of the subject.

Film Poetry Historical

The second paper is an analysis of his own practice and attempts to draw parallels between literary and visual languages. Though he does say he has moved on from some of these ideas now they are still interesting to read.

poetry film article

The texts are available on his website as well should you want to reference them.


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