Artists Call In Progress

PLEASE STANDBY: artists call for Dark or Darker Shivering or Not in progress!

After our successful Artists & Writers Speed Networking event at Aurora Cafe on the 7th September we are keen to start gathering ideas and proposals from artists and performers who want to contribute to DARK OR DARKER SHIVERING OR NOT at Coastguard Studio on Saturday 26th November.

Around thirty people attended the networking event which was led by William George Sutton and Johnny Sackett. There was a good mix of artists and writers and we had people from all sorts of disciplines turn up including dance, design, immersive theatre, videographer, pen & ink.

So it looks like the November event is going to attract a lot of interesting artists and we hope lots of new and exciting collaborations.

Over the coming weeks we hope that you will take the time to tell us more about what you plan to do and you should feel free to email us with technical and logistics questions us:

You can also join the FaceBook group we have set up as a place for chatter, discussion, asking of questions and so on. We will also make sure all the documents you need are uploaded there including the original artists call and triggers. You can also use it as a space to share documents if that is of use to you. You can find the group here:

The deadline for submission of artist’s proposals is 4th November after which we will print a programme and schedule the event. So time to get scribbling and all you need to do is download the form from here as a .DOCX file:

Or here if you prefer a PDF:

Fill it in and send it back to us with a publicity image. Couldn’t be simpler and we look forward to reading about your ideas.

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